Making a statement

It has been almost a year of complete silence on the site. The past articles were all removed, and I’ve been waiting for not only the motivation for action, but also the proper direction to take this project further. A little over a year ago I had started writing a book when dissatisfied with the little a blog post could convey, which I had titled ‘Killing Thelema’, and contrary to what the book’s title conveyed at a surface level, it was not about killing the tradition of Thelema, but was looking to not only shake the Thelemic scene and generate discussion, but was also a play off the Zen idea of “when you meet the Buddha, kill him”, and other Buddhist implications of Mara whose name etymologically means “to kill”. That’s a conversation for a future post.

Killing Thelema’s whole purpose was to bring attention to hypnotism/magnetism within esoteric traditions, and how it was at the core of the occult – aiming to convey that “Binah (Understanding in Qabalah) is Hypnosis’… Qabalah being the central structure of Crowley’s teaching. What I looked to do with this, was move discussion in Thelema beyond the stage of seeking, and into a tradition of direct realization (what it is meant to be), which is where it should have been already; to move the tradition into action as Thelema is a teaching based upon Will. There’s more than enough evidence that the Thelemic teaching serves as an occidental equivalent to Zen – however mired in obfuscation and ignorance Thelema has become since its inception.

I invite readers to engage with me on this website, as I learn most through adversarial interactions, through engagement and confrontation. The book is not yet complete, and is in a very rough draft stage… the final product will be entirely free to download, as I don’t write it with monetary ambition, but to spread the ideas and get conversation moving forward. Much of the ideas will be presented in future articles, as I seek to find the proper wording to get this book across as succinctly as possible, with as little wordiness as possible, and as accessible to as many as possible.

In many ways, I view this platform, this site, as my final attempt at making clear the Thelemic ideology… I still believe in the latent power inherent within it, and that historically it may yet hold a foundational position for where we are moving as a society. Though, I have felt a personal urge to move well beyond it, and in my moving beyond it and in my study of Zen, I’ve realized Thelema has very little to offer while also having a whole lot. This may sound contrarian, so we will touch upon this in the future. I’ll say simply now, that the title “Killing Thelema” has started to feel more true to its darker implication, that a deconstruction and comparison with other traditions may leave little use for the system and its teachings. That’ll be something we’ll see and find out together.

In 2016 I had started my detour from Thelema, and I see 2019 as the final year that I’ll entertain it proper, and look to help establish a right view within it. Please engage and debate where you feel compelled, or bring to light any of my misunderstandings or perceived misunderstandings. I post this to make a statement: this site will be exploring Zen, Thelema, Mysticism, Culture, Hypnosis, Current Events, and is being driven forward with the purpose laid out within this post.

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