Without a subject

With the site using a blog ‘post’ style, and with the former subject matter of the site, I had always had a subject for each post. This creates many new issues, if you have important things to say within posts, you won’t want to drown them out with mediocre or mundane things. If doing a series of important posts, each post becomes problematic as if they require a reader to have read the other posts, a constant rehashing of the subject in order for the current article’s reader to fully understand the content, can be incredibly exhausting! Especially when they are silent onlookers who don’t aim to engage with the content they consume, or at least, when they consume mine they’re rather fine remaining silent (for the most part).

I’m going to simply view the content that goes up for a while, not as a post all about a single subject, but in the day of posting, whatever content or ramble appears, that is what will go on the site. So, a more freeflowing site will hopefully manifest, with much more fun exploration of subject matter. A single post may contain multiple different subject matters, and if it’s interesting, mayhaps you’ll like to read what is posted. If not, well, give yourself a voice, and we’ll set the site moving in a new direction.  Feel free to use the comment box, or reach out on social media like the Facebook page.

That isn’t to say posts about one single subject won’t appear in the future, but for now, we’re going to get a bit more experimental.

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