Without a subject

With the site using a blog ‘post’ style, and with the former subject matter of the site, I had always had a subject for each post. This creates many new issues, if you have important things to say within posts, you won’t want to drown them out with mediocre or mundane things. If doing a series of important posts, each post becomes problematic as if they require a reader to have read the other posts, a constant rehashing of the subject in order for the current article’s reader to fully understand the content, can be incredibly exhausting! Especially when they are silent onlookers who don’t aim to engage with the content they consume, or at least, when they consume mine they’re rather fine remaining silent (for the most part).

I’m going to simply view the content that goes up for a while, not as a post all about a single subject, but in the day of posting, whatever content or ramble appears, that is what will go on the site. So, a more freeflowing site will hopefully manifest, with much more fun exploration of subject matter. A single post may contain multiple different subject matters, and if it’s interesting, mayhaps you’ll like to read what is posted. If not, well, give yourself a voice, and we’ll set the site moving in a new direction.  Feel free to use the comment box, or reach out on social media like the Facebook page.

That isn’t to say posts about one single subject won’t appear in the future, but for now, we’re going to get a bit more experimental.

Starting Over

Sometimes when we cling onto something for far too long. For the longest time I was in denial about the SATE and the direction I’d take it. You may have noticed the site looks much different right now, and unfortunately not as pretty or flashy as before. I’ll improve this in the near future, but for now see this rather primitive appearance as part of the life-giving injection I’m giving this place.

Unfortunately, the old site was heavily dependent upon large graphics, which I enjoyed making, and it gave each article, and the site itself a unique appearance when compared to most others out there. However, I felt that the requirement of each post having a unique banner had prevented me from updating often, and when doing lesser posts, the requirement of a fancy graphic made it feel like composing a parade to announce something as mundane as a bowel movement. For things that didn’t require the wrap and dressings, it was a pain to make updates or to put content up without feeling as though it required great purpose behind it… of course, most of the content appearing was appearing with great purpose, as I started this site when I wished to educate readers about mysticism, hypnosis, occultism, magic, and also explore art and music, etc. and generally had a point I was trying to make through the articles collectively offering different perspectives on the matter. The site at one point seemed to be a place I’d vent to every few months about how we collectively weren’t understanding about hypnosis with regards to it being at the core of most, if not all mystical experiences. This was frustrating for me, and I imagine as a reader, it could have become frustrating for you too.

This site, unlike my previous sites, started as a side hobby, as my old day job asked that I didn’t run websites and create content when working for an online corporation – I of course disobeyed, but certainly didn’t keep the SATE site as a prime focus. I wish to change that now, and to frequently update with posts – my old posts are removed, as I’ve been working away at a book on the previous post’s subject matter, and I’ll be offering details about it here, and depending on when it is done, may post it in chunks, or offer a free way to access it. The fact that this new website layout doesn’t require banners for each article means that I’ll be able to come home from my new job and write up something, without having to overthink what is being done. This will mean much more fluent, raw and real posts coming from me. Of course, the fact that my old macbook gave up the ghost, and along with that meaning I’ve lost my access to Photoshop, this new situation will simply be what it is, until I require change and progress… which will hopefully come with future site growth and community support.

I’m at a new place in life, working a new job, and looking to make this site more of a focus. There are over 180 fans of this site on Facebook, and there are followers on Twitter, but I don’t know what you (readers) are actually looking for, or when you jumped on board, as this site has been all over the place so if you leave comments and interact, it would be appreciated. I’ll know where to steer conversations to get you involved, as this site is not meant to be just a personal blog of mine, but to be a hub that connects people and perspectives. I live to learn and grow, and hope this site nurtures that in you as well.

Tommie Kelly’s ‘Them’

The toughest life events perhaps never change us, though what changes is our ability to adapt and develop new, healthy, and stronger perspectives. Tommie Kelly plays with this idea in THEM, a beautiful and mature graphic novel that peeks behind the veils of an artist and what drives them to create.

From the back of the book:
“Roman, a struggling but dedicated painter is trying to find his place in the world. He never quite fit in and feels that somehow he is different than most people. He believes the Universe is in some way, out to get him, and that chance, luck and opportunity are passing him by. However, a new idea has come into the world which has his future in mind. Roman soon finds the world is quite a different place than he thought and that his destiny is much more in his hands than it seems.”

Starting off with a wonderful visual analogy, Roman is seen running through darkness, chased by his past and elusive figures (‘Them’). From this chase inevitably comes the sensation of defeat. A re-birth (of sorts) then takes place and we find him standing upon a stage where an adoring ‘audience’ screams and claps, for he has “[…]become like a God”.

This is how Them starts, and also ends. It is within the innards and guts of this story which tell the of the triumph of the soul in its striving for expression. Though first Roman must lead himself through his despair, and his programmed beliefs imprinted by those of his past. The haunting presence of his father, his teachers, and other authoritative figures have hindered his development and cast their negativity rather than spending their energy fostering the blooming flower of his artistic ability. He must overcome the phantasms which prevent self-acceptance and must find contentedness with the methods of his expression.

The art in Them is striking, and each panel accurately displays to the viewer the impressions Kelly had placed therein. In viewing Kelly’s work, his talent has to be commended in fully synchronizing words with images, and his ability to bring fluid motion to his finely crafted worlds, all of which tell great stories containing depth, emotion, and most importantly – a purpose in their appearance.

The relation one can find in Roman’s struggle to be the author of his life, and his conquest to find himself is a tale that would be rewarding for many in a desperate search of their muse, or those trying to overcome their battles with depression. The journey of Roman, despite appearing as a young-adult in this novel is not so much a ‘coming-of-age’ tale, but rather a ‘coming-into-self’ tale; one that should be read not only by young adults, but also enjoyed as an expansive piece of literature that has the ability to empower and uplift the reader from their own pasts, and contains a hint of wisdom to set them upon the path which will see the accomplishment of their goals and the fulfillment of their own self-expression.

This is a story about changes of perspective, growth, acceptance, and perseverance. Despite carrying the title of “Them”, this tale turns the figurative finger that points outwards in blame and defensiveness, and turns the hand towards oneself.

This is a ‘Pay What You Want’ project, so I would highly recommend you purchase and give the appropriate support. (Also check out his current Patreon Campaign)
Download THEM here.
Be sure to also visit Tommie Kelly’s Official Site for more of his wonderful work.
Them Sample
*Illustrations within this article are from Them, and Copyright to Tommie Kelly*