SATE Podcast 03 – Occult Tools For Creative Writing (Tarot and Gematria)

Tarot and Gematria as Creative Tools

How could writers use occult tools such as Tarot and Gematria in their creative works?

Could these hypnotic tools be the solution to ‘writer’s block’?

This week we enter a discussion about utilizing the cards, spreads, and the magic of numbers to influence a creative work. Maybe by putting these tools into practice, you may end up writing the next breakout novel!

Episode 3 of the Start and the End is here. If you’re not a writer, maybe giving this a listen will inspire you to give a creative output a try. Or perhaps you can apply other information in the episode to various things in your life.

✌️ Until next time!

SATE Podcast – Trying Times

The Start and the End hasn’t been updated in quite some time. We haven’t disappeared, and have been working away at bringing this project more into line with our minds and being.

We’ve launched a podcast… and I know what you’re likely thinking, guh, another one of those! However, we will aim to be quite different than others. We both look to bring an academic and thorough investigative approach to occult topics, as well as providing genuine conversation and humour to these matters. We do not want to be another podcast out there that’s reliant entirely upon its guests for its content, we love to learn and grow – as we used to write articles on this site, we’ve simply found a new way to present information which is more fun for all those involved… and hopefully more fun for you as the listener!

We do look to bring on the occasional guest, and will do special interviews, but expect to get familiar with our voices, which we look to find and flesh out in our undergoing this experiment. Please leave comments and feedback, we greatly appreciate hearing from you so that we’re not speaking across the abyss into the void!

The first episode is called Trying TImes, as we’re trying this out. We’re also in the midst of a pandemic and have undergone many changes and struggles in our personal lives. Let’s avoid the drivel of that, we’ll continue on and look forward to you coming along with us.