SATE 2020 Essential Music Playlist

A recurring theme of the year 2020 was putting into consideration what is ‘essential’, and what is not. Music is always essential, at least to my life, and while many have turned their nose up to 2020 considering it a year to dismiss, the music that came out was anything but dismissable.

You may not be familiar with much of the music on this playlist, and that is what I strove for in curating this collection. I hope to introduce you to some new artists and sounds, or if familiar, at least rekindle your love for them. These artists were the soundtracks to my year, and I chose a song from each album an artist released. The 40 track playlist was designed to flow and journeys through various genres, so try expanding your appreciation of new sounds. Throw this playlist on when you get a chance and enjoy the trip through this year’s wonderful sonic arts and the brilliant sound of 2020’s essential music.

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