SATE Podcast – 01 – Hypnosis

Hypnosis had to be the first subject covered on our podcast. If you read this site in the years prior, you know I loved to post articles about the matter. Much of the information contained here is from my research compiled for a book I was (perhaps still am) writing, which is titled Magick Unveiled: Hypnotism and the Occult.

I believe this podcast goes deeper into the subject than any other available, as we don’t just approach it from the general mainstream perspective, we take the deep dive and look at how hypnosis ties into the occult, religion, and our daily lives. This episode is a whopper, nearly running 2 and a half hours. There is likely to be a part 2 follow-up soon, so be sure to listen to this content, let it digest, and then we can entertain the ideas further down the road.

Also, in this episode we ask ourselves the question… was Aleister Crowley a hypnotist? Our conclusion may or may not shock you.

We welcome your feedback, or if anything sticks out from your listen, either leave a comment here, or reach out on social media (preferably Instagram), and we’ll enter a discussion. Play the episode embedded below, we’re looking to get up on Spotify but first require 5 episodes to apply to be on the platform. Until then, check on our site for new episodes, or follow us on social media.

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